On Being Psychic

I hadn’t consciously planned on having a blog. But call me psychic ’cause I just knew I would end up here, sharing thoughts and blah, blah, blahing away. I promise to stick to important news and such. And in that spirit, I bring you news of my online launch party at WOW!Women-on-Writing!

Circle your calendar for Friday, October 13th for the book tour and giveaways for SECRETS LAID TO REST!

I know. What’re the chances of planning an October launch for a paranormal mystery and having a Friday the 13th that month? It’s a sign, if you ask me. And it’s going to be spirited good fun so I hope you’ll join me along the way.

But we’re all about secrets, here, too, so here’s my first one: I have a strong premonition that the book will be available for purchase sooner. So check back and try those buttons, y’all. Eventually, they’ll take you to SECRETS LAID TO REST!

AND I’m planning a giveaway–with pie!– for all y’all who sign up for the Spirited Newsletter! You can sign up now because that button works!

Um…I just have a few tweaks to get the actual newsletter done. Fingers crossed that I’ll figure everything out soon, but honestly, the old crystal ball’s a bit hazy when it comes to new technology.

~Cathy, Dishing up Spirits, Secrets, and Pie!