Introducing the Ladies of SPI Mysteries, a Southern Cozy Series by Catherine C. Hall

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The Secrets of Sutter Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance…

Fall is in the air, the scent of autumn leaves, apple pies, and a brand new business is opening its doors in small-town Sutter, Georgia!

But not just any business. It’s the Golden Girls meet the Ghostbusters when four women find themselves in an unlikely career: Southeastern Paranormal Investigations. Ree Lane, a stylish widow, is more cynic than true believer, while her childhood chum Elle Harper has a knack for getting sensitive info with the help of her homemade pies. The preacher’s wife, Betsy Jones, can’t be seen with SPI unless she’s in her disguise as Nora, a psychic-in-training with a gift for Tarot. And the recently-returned-home Gillian Buchanan is a whiz at technology, especially of the supernatural sort.

Their first case lands on the doorstep when neighbor Doris Tucker is sure her prized vintage dolls are haunted. But there’s hardly time for ghost-hunting when the bank director’s wife mistakes SPI for a private eye venture. Now they’re also hot on the trail of a misbehaving husband. It’s a wild ride as the sixty-something sleuths start digging into the past. But have the Ladies of SPI gone too far? And how far will Sutter go to keep its secrets dead and buried?

Secrets of Cole House

The Ladies of SPI are ready to enjoy the holidays but a young neighbor has a spooky situation taking all the joy out of her inheritance.

Abby Stafford has just moved back into her old home, a farm that comes with hundreds of acreage. But amidst the decking of the halls, a noisy ghost is determined to get all the attention. Can the Ladies of SPI help Abby and her son oust the stubborn spirit? Or is there more to this haunting than meets the eye?

Coming Soon! Book II in the Ladies of SPI Mysteries, a Southern Cozy Series

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